Good news! “Password” is no longer the most popular password, but “123456” has taken over the crown.

Looks like most of us are still really bad at selecting a secure password according to security firm SplashData, which just released its annual list of the most popular passwords across the Internet. Here’s the top 10:

1. 123456
2. password
3. 12345678
4. qwerty
5. abc123
6. 123456789
7. 111111
8. 1234567
9. iloveyou
10. adobe123

The security firm put together this list by aggregating all the data taken from the year’s notable security breaches, including last year’s massive Adobe leak.

Here’s 5 things to consider when choosing your new password:

1. Use at least eight characters, the more characters the better really, but most people will find anything more than about 15 characters difficult to remember.
2. Use a random mixture of characters, upper and lower case, numbers, punctuation, spaces and symbols.
3. Don’t use a simple word found in a dictionary.
4. Choose a password that you can remember so that you don’t need to keep looking it up, this reduces the chance of somebody discovering where you have written it down.
5. Choose a password that you can type quickly, this reduces the chance of somebody discovering your password by looking over your shoulder.