Ever saw beautiful bokeh styled close-up photographs of water drops or flower petals and wanted to capture similar shots? Well that’s macro photography, it’s an art of taking close-up pictures that reveal details which can’t be seen with the naked eye but a good set of lens with your SLR camera can accomplish . I suggest you go out and experiment for yourself! But for now, Inspire yourself with 20 beautiful examples of macro photography. macro-photo-water-drops-flower macro-photography-red-flower macro-photography-purple-flower macro-photography-rain-flower macro-photo-flower macro-photography-purple-flowers macro-photography-flower macro-photography-water-drops macro-photography-white-flowers macro-photography-white-flower macro-photo-blowball-flower macro-photo-purple-flower macro-photography-rain-drop macro-photo-sun-flower macro-photo-red-flower macro-photo-yello-flower macro-photography-pink-water-flower macro-photography-pink-flower macro-photo-rose-flower macro-photography-small-flower