This year marks the 45th anniversary of Bruce Lee’s death, he was 32 at the time. He lived a short yet impactful life. He was full of wisdom and here are the top 10 inspiring quotes that we can take as life lessons esp as entrepreneurs:

“If you spend too much time thinking about a thing, you’ll never get it done.”

“Showing off is the fool’s idea of glory.”

“In the middle of chaos lies opportunity.”

“Be happy, but never satisfied.”

“The key to immortality is first living a life worth remembering.”

“Be happy, but never satisfied.”

The more we value things, the less we value ourselves.

Knowing is not enough, we must apply. Willing is not enough, we must do.

If you love life, don’t waste time, for time is what life is made up of.

“You must be shapeless, formless, like water. When you pour water in a cup, it becomes the cup. When you pour water in a bottle, it becomes the bottle. When you pour water in a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Water can drip and it can crash. Become like water my friend.”