Human population in the world has recently reached the 7 billion milestone. That is a lot of people and it’s hard to see the significance of individuals like you and me compared with such a huge number. So what if we scaled down that huge population to just 100 individuals.


If there were only 100 people in this world then there would be:

50 are female
50 are male
26 of these are children and only 8 people are aged 65 and older

60 people are Asian
15 African
14 people are from the Americas
11 individuals come from Europe

5 of us speak English
5 speak Spanish
Arabic, Hindi, Bengali and Portuguese all have 3 fluent speakers each
12 speak Chinese, whilst 62 speak other languages
83 are literate

77 people have shelter
87 have access to safe water

15 are undernourished
21 are overweight

33 of us would be Christians
22 Muslims
14 Hindus
7 Buddhists
12 people would practice other religions
12 people would not be involved in any religion