The Play Studio had the opportunity to work with Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) to create an animated infographic video demonstrating a demographic, socio-economic and health profile of Muslims in Britain drawing on the 2011 Census.

The video was played during an event in London, where author Dr Sundas Ali presented her research findings. As well as featured on MCB’s website (visit). An article relating to the research has also been published by The Guardian.

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The MCB, which is affiliated with 500 institutions, said: “The report is the first comprehensive and detailed report of its kind looking at Muslims from a data perspective.”

Responding to the report, the deputy prime minister, Nick Clegg, said: “I believe that every person, whatever their background and circumstances, should have an equal chance to thrive.

“What’s not in doubt is that British Muslims can be proud of the contribution they make to our country.”

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