We’re super excited to announce our very first digital product called Mosque Platform! We’re fortunate enough to work very closely with the Muslim community and organisations all around the world, this has enabled us to identify gaps in the market for many digital products that will enhance lifestyles of every Muslim and we have created a roadmap to launch better designed and maintained products.

The aim of Mosque Platform is to provide a well-built and specialised website to every masjid around the world with comprehensive features, such as:

Prayer timetable
Beautiful & easy to read daily or monthly prayer timetable set by you.

Receive donations
Receive fast & secure one-off or monthly donations using all major cards.

Events calendar
Share upcoming event poster and details, also let visitors see past events.

Make announcements
Notify visitors when the moon has been sighted for Ramadan & Eid.

Accessible on all devices
Masjid Platform is responsive, it works on all desktop, tablet & mobile devices.

Fully managed
Fully hosted & maintained by us but you have the full admin access.


It’s totally free for smaller mosques as it will serve ads from charities or halal businesses.
Alternatively, a premium version is available for £40 a month for an ad-free version, where Mosques themselves can monetise the platform by attracting local businesses to advertise on their new site.

Check out mosqueplatform.com