Muslim population in the UK (according to the 2011 census) is close to 3 millions but there’s a massive gap for innovative products that are targeted to this vast market. For example, it’s almost impossible to find an accurate prayer times mobile app as most existing applications rely on astronomical calculations which isn’t ideal when you want to follow your local mosque.

prayer time compass


Introducing Mosque Prayer Times – An innovative mobile application for Apple iPhone devices. It takes advantage of local mosque prayer times which are readily available or can be requested to give the user the most accurate and up-to-date timetable. The app also notifies the users through the use of pop-up message and call to prayer (Adhan).



The app was designed with sophistication and simplicity in mind to enhance user experience. We wanted to adopt the current trend of flat design but not neglect the importance of the non-flat aesthetics where necessary, for example the compass design or the Islamic geometric pattern with gradient effect in the background to ensure more emphasis on the settings menu options.

The app also includes a Qiblah direction compass and several Adhan from different callers of prayer as the notification.

prayer times app

masjid prayer time app


The app has become one of the most popular prayer times apps on the Apple App Store. It received over 100 downloads a week on average and boasted 5 star ratings from users.