Facebook introduced a new logo yesterday after 10 years of using the original and no one was made aware of the change. The iconic “F” hasn’t changed but all the other letters has been replaced. It was designed in collaboration by Facebook’s in-house design team and Eric Olson of Process Type Foundry.


It’s supposed to “feel more friendly and approachable,” according to Facebook’s creative director Josh Higgins.

The original and iconic logo was designed in 2005 by Joe Kral and Cuban Council using Process Type Foundry’s Klavika. I personally think they shouldn’t have made the change, it was necessary given the familiarity it had. It’s too generic for my liking.

Here’s some comments I’ve came across:

“Their first logo was better. It had character, a uniqueness to it. I really took a liking to that “a”, too.” – ctlupfer

“Looks a bit like someone opened up the original logo file without the right font on their system.” – cmg

“It’s about as good as the revamped Kodak logo.” – Mr. B