Emails are so essential nowadays that if your emails aren’t getting attention, then that probably means you or your business aren’t, either.

Here at Play we use emails everyday, probably ranging from 50 to 70 on average. Majority of our first interactions with potential clients starts through emails, so you can understand the importance of email when it comes to running a business.

Below is an infographic compiled by the webmaster tool It demonstrates tips and tricks to write a better email to your customers. Some are no brainers, for example the importance of using your business domain email rather than personal accounts like [email protected] or worse [email protected].

There are a plenty of other tips that will help your email get noticed. Keywords in the subject line are vital as more than a third of email recipients determine whether they should even open an email based on the subject line alone.

Finally, the best tip of all keep your emails efficient and short as majority of emails are read on a mobile device, where screens are small. Keep your email to 150 words or about five sentences.

how to write emails infograph